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ServSafe® Food Safety Manager Certificates and TIPS® Alcohol Server Training Certifications last 3 years. Food safety managers have 6 month from expiration to renew their certificate to avoid having to retake the 8-hour course. If you take a class with Linda, she'll let you know when your certification is nearing its expiration date.

What if I let my certification Lapse

If you don't renew your Food Safety certification within 6 months of its expiration you must retake the 8-hour certification course. Luckily I offer online classes and one-on-one testing as well as periodical 2-week sessions to get you re-certified in a timely manner.


A. The manager shall have supervisory, training, and management responsibilities and shall be responsible for food preparation and service with authority and responsibility to direct and control such activities.

B. The manager certified in food safety shall notify the Center in writing within ten (10) days of a change of name, employment or address.

C. The certified food safety manager is responsible for operating the establishment in compliance with all relevant federal and state rules and regulations pertaining to food.

D. The certified food safety manager shall assure that all employees engaged in food preparation do so in a manner consistent with food safety.

E. The certified food safety manager shall develop and implement a written plan for assessing, monitoring, and controlling foodborne disease hazards in the food establishment.

F. The certified manager shall report any illness which appears to be foodborne in nature to the Center within twenty-four (24) hours.